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Coming Spring 2014 — Radical with David Platt

MB - Radical with David Platt

This Spring, Moody Radio will be launching Radical with David Platt, a new 24-minute daily teaching program bringing Pastor David Platt's passionate Bible teaching to a whole new audience. The 35-year-old pastor of The Church at Brook Hills in Birmingham, Ala., "will be one of the first voices of his generation to have a daily, national teaching program on Christian radio," says Collin Lambert, vice president of Moody Radio. 

Dr. Platt, a sought-after conference speaker and the best-selling author of Radical, Radical Together and Follow Me, is excited to partner with Moody in mobilizing "more and more people to make more and more disciples in more and more nations so that God might receive more and more glory that is due His name." The program featuring his teaching from The Church at Brook Hills and various conferences will begin airing this spring.

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