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Technical Support

Moody Radio has a strong tradition of providing quality technical support to affiliates.

XDS-PRO Satellite System

Moody Radio has transitioned from the Unity 4000 satellite receiver system to the XDS-PRO. 

 Order Information
Moody Radio affiliates can order the new X-Digital Systems XDS-PRO satellite receivers from our preferred vendor, Satellite Engineering Group (SEG). Download order form

 Frequently Asked Questions
Our offices have answered several questions regarding the XDS-PRO roll out. Download the FAQs.

DirectLine with Moody Radio | Audio

Moody Radio's Phil Shappard and Dave Woodworth led a presentation on some of the key features of the new XDS-PRO satellite receivers in the DirectLine with Moody Radio held Tuesday, April 23. An MP3 audio recording is now available.  Download audio. 

XDS-PRO Operational Documents for Affiliates:

 XDS-PRO Quick Start Guide

 Network Configuration Data Sheet for Moody Radio

 Special Receiver Notes for Moody Radio

 Moody Radio Relay Assignments

 Christian Radio Consortium Channels Available on the XDS-PRO  

 XDS-PRO Receiver Command Table

 Tips for Direct Connections with XDS-PRO Receivers

 XDS-PRO "Store & Forward" Introduction

 Amb-OS User Interface for Moody Radio XDS-PRO File Transfers

 Step by Step Instructions for XDS Time-Shifting of Programs

 Current Manual, XDS-PRO4Q, XDS-PRO1Q

Unity 4000

Moody Radio was a founding member of the Christian Radio Consortium, which resulted in most Christian radio networks adopting the UNITY 4000 digital satellite receiver as a standard operating platform. Since its Fall 1999 deployment, Moody Radio used the UNITY 4000 to deliver programming over two stereo satellite channels from 1999 to April 1, 2013. Moody Radio's satellite channels are now exclusively available onthe XDS-PRO (see above).

More information on the UNITY 4000 can be found on the receiver manufacturer’s website.

Short-term emergency rentals of UNITY 4000 and XDS-PRO satellite receivers are available through Integrated Marketing Communications. 


ACCUWatch helps Moody affiliates have true “autopilot” status for times when the radio station is unattended. The service is an exclusive continuous control point for Automatic Transmission Systems (ATS).


 Primary Satellite Carrier
SES-2 (formerly known as AMC-3) (87 degrees W Longitude), Transponder 17 (Horizontal Polarity)

 Secondary Satellite Carrier
In addition to the primary satellite carrier, Moody Radio added a service originally designed to serve our Alaskan affiliates on AMC-8 (139 degrees W Longtitude),Transponder 17 (Vertical Polarity), but which is also available to the continental United States. This feed of the Moody-1 carrier may be of interest to stations already using the ABR202A for one or more regional radio networks with satellite dishes aimed at AMC-8.

AMC-8 (139 degrees W Longitude), Transponder 17 (Vertical Polarity)

 Secondary Ku-Band Satellite Carrier
In the Fall of 2011, a Ku-Band satellite feed of the Moody-1, Moody-2 and SRN News channels was added to serve the Hawaiian Islands on AMC-1 (103 degrees W Longitude), Transponder 12 (Vertical Polarity). This feed also uses the Wegener UNITY 4000 satellite receiver system.